More informations on the Taijiquan worshops in Grenoble with Master Wen.

Important notes:

The aim of this genealogy is to represent in a simple way the principal branches of Taijiquan Chen style and particularly the branch which concerns us. We don't want to show who created or invented Taijiquan, there is sufficient polemic on this subject. We speak only about information concerning Taijiquan Chen style and we indicate the principal styles which result from this. An important remark: We make the distinction between the «Generation of the Chen Family» which begins with Chen Bu (who lived at the end of XIVth century) and which represents the 1st generation of the Chen family, and the «Generation of Taijiquan Chen style» which begins with Chen Wang Ting (1600-1680) who represents the 9th Génération of the Chen Family and the 1st Generation of Taijiquan Chen style. So, only the Chen family's members can link their genealogy with Chen Bu (1st Generation of the Family), the descendants of Taijiquan Chen style link their genealogy with Chen Wang Ting (1st Generation of Taijiquan and 9th Generation of the Family).

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the simplified genealogy of the taiji quan chen style