More informations on the Taiji Quan worshops in Grenoble with Master Wen.


Taiji Quan originating in Chenjiagou, small Chinese village of the district of Wen Xian, was created by the Master of martial arts Chen Wangting (1600 - 1680). The founder associated his boxing the principles drawn from Yi Jing (delivers changes), theory of the meridian lines, Dao Yin (art of long life) and Tu Na (respiratory work). Thus, he conceived a sequence characterized by movements combining an explosive force which comes from the interior and an extremely fluid, flexible and moving style. For 300 years, this art, which was initially family, has been propagated thereafter. See the genealogy.

grand master chen zheng lei, nineteenth generation of the chen family, eleventh generation of tai ji quan chen stylechen wanting (and jiang fa behind him)master wen, twelfth generation of tai ji quan style chen, internal disciple of the grand master chen zhenglei

The practice

The practice of the Chen style is based on the work of two sequences to naked hands Lao jia yi lu (74 movements) and Lao jia er lu (Pao chui), Tuishou (pushing hands), the weapons (sword, sabre, lance, large lance, halberd...). However Chen Zheng Lei developed a form of 18 movements which synthesizes a whole of techniques, making it possible to the beginner to begin a basic work.