More informations on the Taiji Quan worshops in Grenoble with Master Wen.

Taiji Quan (Taichi Chuan)

literally "supreme ultimate fist" is an internal Chinese martial art. The movements are slow, full and the spirals are never stopped. The thought directs energy, and internal energy makes move all parts of the body. It is at the same time the vacuum and the full, the softness and the firmness, the slow and the explosive. Taiji Quan is based on the principles of Yin and Yang, the perfect balance which governs the universe. The forces are present but they are not visible. Slowness allows the speed, calm generates the explosive force, the body is alternatively closed then opened on all the levels. The work of the sequences and the harmony of Ying Yang will make it possible to the practitioner to develop power, to slacken its body while remaining tonic in order to avoid stress and contraction. The good being in a healthy body. The force settles gradually in the body progressively with the practice. The opening to the techniques of combat is then possible.

Master Wen and David Florentin Master Wen and David Florentin